Sheenie is my fave alpaca in the world enjoy reading about her. Her best friend is called Cinnie, they are both brown and have the same nose.
Sheenie has lots more friends called: Titi, Cocie, Stormie, Millie,
Chaie, Vickie, Zackie, Calie, Rafa, Clovie and Carrie.

Sunday, 28 February 2010

When They First Met

One day Sheenie was at a fun park. She Loved the shoot. On the very fast roundabout that you get flung off Sheenie was flung off and landed on a soft mattress. Someone was on top of her but she didn't know who. "Hello" said a voice from on top of her, "my name's Cinnamon Stick Avenue" said the voice again. "Hi" said Sheenie, "my name's Roshin Raisin Gold. "can you call me Cinnie, Roshin?" said Cinnamon, "yes but will you please call me Sheenie?" "yes" said Cinnie, Cinnie came home with Sheenie. Coco Cinnie's mum met Choccie. They became Friends too.

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