Sheenie is my fave alpaca in the world enjoy reading about her. Her best friend is called Cinnie, they are both brown and have the same nose.
Sheenie has lots more friends called: Titi, Cocie, Stormie, Millie,
Chaie, Vickie, Zackie, Calie, Rafa, Clovie and Carrie.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Fairy Floss

Fairy Floss is an alpaca, she was ours but we sold her. One day Saligo was pronking when he saw five alpacas walking up two crias, one yearling, one two year-old and one adult. Saligo didn't know who they were- but he pronked up anyway.  Just then Sheenie came up and then Choccie, then Choccie said that she knew the adult. Sheenie ran up to the yearling who looked  just like Cinnie! Not just like Cinnie the Cinnie no. two! Sheenie told Cinnie to come quick She was here the next day at 6.00 am.  Cinnie was shocked and jealous. She ran away crying, meanwhile the yearling had told her name to Sheenie and it was Nutmeg. Nutmeg Liked being called Nuttie and Sheenie liked it. Cinnie came back soggy with tears, and said yyyou dddon't lllike mmme! Sheenie was shocked at what Cinnie had said and said of course not Cinnie I like you as much. Oook said Cinnie and They were friends again! 

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Sheenie Meets Nessie

One day sheenie and her friends went to loch ness, the crias came too. They went to the loch side there was no boat too be seen and the water was as still as can be, they saw something moving closer and closer...
The crias jumped in and swam up to it and sheenie was really worried, so she and her friends jumped in. Nessie came even more closer, and the crias got to her. They were sinking down and down they were drowning...
Sheenie and her friends were really really worried now but just then Nessie flicked them on to her tail and swam them to the shore. She went back for the rest but sheenie and her friends were struggling too what should Nessie do??
She got sheenie and her friends very quickly and put them down as fast as she could, and swam to the rest and and flicked them on and swam to the shore very very fast. Someone was missing who could it be?
It was Dill, he only has one eye, Nessie looked under the the water and there he was. He was dyeing oh no, she swam so fast that you couldn't see her, she got him and she swam to the surface, he gasped for air.
He saw the rest and was glad that they were ok. When they got home he told his mum and she was shocked. They always were friends with Nessie, she came up the ness and out to sea and along the spay.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Titi's Birthday

One day in the December that's just passed, Titi told Sheenie that it was going to be her birthday. Sheenie told Cinnie as well, and they had a great party they loved it so much. There were big balloons and banners, a massive cake and. loads more all Sheenie's friends were there, they all wore their party coats and shoes they danced all night and day and then got really tired! Twenty-four hours past and they got really tried and hungry so they had something to eat and then a sleep.

Monday, 18 January 2010

The Big Pronk

One day sheenie was invited to a pronk which is a dance for an alpaca.
She met cinnie there, and they danced all night long, they loved it so much.
When the pronk was finished they were very tired and sleepy, so they had a sleep.
When they woke they were cold, so they found some hay.
They slept for hours and hours, when they woke they had some thing to eat,
and danced again.

When the pronk was finished they went home happily and didn't say a word
Cinnie wanted to stay the night so she did, Sheenie was happy that she stayed the night.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sheenie Meets Her Daddy

One day Sheenie wanted to see her Daddy. She told her Mummy Choccie who said "OK, then" "Only if the whole family comes", "OK" said Sheenie, So they went to pick up her
older brother Tamdu.
When they got to the place Tamdu was they loaded him in the van.
They travailed all night long, in the morning they woke up in the van.
They saw their sister Maya in a paddock beside them later that day.
The Next day Sheenie And Tammie saw their Daddy, they pronked up to him.
They Were Very very happy.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

A Wee Story

Sheenie's friends are called: Cinnie, Millie, Cocie, Stormie, Poppy, Titi, Vickie, Patchie,Zackie and Callie. They are alpacas. Here's a Wee story about them.

The Show

One day Cinnie told Sheenie that she would be going to a show, and Sheenie asked if she could come too. "OK" said Cinnie, so they got in a van and off they went!
When they arrived at the show they got halters and leads put on them.
Cinnie went first round the ring and Sheenie second. When they were there they saw Millie.
When it was the time to announces the winner they said both were the nicest browns they had ever seen they made it a draw! Sheenie and Cinnie held up the trophy very happy.

The End!

by sorcha