Sheenie is my fave alpaca in the world enjoy reading about her. Her best friend is called Cinnie, they are both brown and have the same nose.
Sheenie has lots more friends called: Titi, Cocie, Stormie, Millie,
Chaie, Vickie, Zackie, Calie, Rafa, Clovie and Carrie.

Sunday, 28 February 2010

When They First Met

One day Sheenie was at a fun park. She Loved the shoot. On the very fast roundabout that you get flung off Sheenie was flung off and landed on a soft mattress. Someone was on top of her but she didn't know who. "Hello" said a voice from on top of her, "my name's Cinnamon Stick Avenue" said the voice again. "Hi" said Sheenie, "my name's Roshin Raisin Gold. "can you call me Cinnie, Roshin?" said Cinnamon, "yes but will you please call me Sheenie?" "yes" said Cinnie, Cinnie came home with Sheenie. Coco Cinnie's mum met Choccie. They became Friends too.

Clover Land

It was Clover's first birthday, she went to clover land. All the Kilawasi yearlings came and the Sheenie Club. First they did a four leaf clover hunt, Sheenie found three, Rafa found two, Cinnie found three, Barney found two and clover found five. They really enjoyed it. The prize was taking  one sack of clover per four leaf clover. Next they had a clover disco. They wore light green coats with dark green clovers on them. They had music that went:  Clover clover clover! They loved it. Next they went to the cafe. They had dried clover in the shape of clover. They drank fresh clover juice in cold spring water. Next were the rides. First they went on a four leaf clover that had bits in the white markings for them to sit in. Next a clover wheel. It was really fun. They went home all happy.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Sheenie The Model

One day when Sheenie was one month old she was asked to be a model, she was asked to advertise Cria coats. That was a year and a half ago, now she advertises yearling coats. One day when the spring yearling coat magazine was getting made, Sheenie was getting a photo taken of her in a rose print spring coat dress. Rafa always bought the ones that Sheenie advertised, so this time it was the rose dress coat and pink paca leggings,
and a velvet pink top. Cardhu advertized the boys' versions, Rinnes always bought them, this time it was a red coat, red leggings and a red velvet top. Sheenie loved being a model, she wanted to do it for the rest of her life.